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W H A T  TO  W E A R

Over the years, we have learned just how greatly wardrobe choices can impact the 'look' and final result of a photography session. In order to give you the best possible outcome, we have compiled some tips that we hope you will take into consideration when selecting your outfits leading up to your session with us. 


1. Avoid matchy-matchy looks

Think about coordinating rather than matching your family's outfits. We recommend choosing a color palette of 3-4 colors (1-2 neutrals + 2 earthy jewel tones) and incorporating them into various layers, patterns, and textures. This creates a stylish yet relaxed look.

2. Choose your color palette wisely











Taupe, cream, grey, beige, and olive green all make for great neutrals, while burnt orange, mustard, deep red, mauve, blush pink, and emerald all photograph beautifully as pops of color. Try to avoid stark white, pale blue, and neon items, which often create unflattering casts and are challenging to edit.

3. Incorporate flowy pieces

Do your outfits let you play, twirl, run? For the gals in the family, dresses, skirts, and flowy tops allow us to play with movement in our sessions, resulting in evocative images. For the boys, we recommend ditching the stiff gingham/checkered button-ups in favor of linen or henley shirts. They are more comfortable and stylish (a win-win!).

4. Share your ideas











We love to be included in client wardrobe choices! Please feel welcome to send us pictures of outfit options prior to your session and we'll happily provide feedback.

5. Extra tips

  • Fall/Winter session? Layer up! It is better to have warm kiddos in coordinating layers than cold, unhappy campers. Don't worry, hats and scarves actually make for adorable photographs!

  • Maternity session? Long, thin, flowy dresses allow us to capture your beautiful bump in all its growing glory. If it's warm enough out, consider bringing a shawl or oversized shirt that you can use for more revealing photos if you're comfortable with that. Bare bellies make for gorgeous shots you will cherish forever. 

  • Check out our Pinterest board here for more outfit inspo!


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