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D E A N G E L O   S I S T E R S

With over a decade experience, Sierra and Arianna are the fiery creatives behind DeAngelo Designs. Their approach is to marry the mundane and the magical to create intimate photographs and designs that invoke, delight, and inspire. Sierra started 'Photography by Sierra' in 2013 and ran things solo for five years before realizing her sister Arianna's talents were too special not to share with their community. In May 2018, the sisters joined forces to bring DeAngelo Designs to life and they haven't looked back since. 

S I E R R A 

     I am Sierra, the younger, blonder, and cooler half of DeAngelo Designs (sorry, sis). I love to create, wander in the woods, and take glorious naps. Arianna affectionately calls me "Slothy" for a reason. With a B.A. in Environmental Biology from Colgate University, I frequently travel the world on spirited adventures and am committed to delving deeply into my spirit to bring about joy and meaning for those I encounter along this journey
     I saved up and bought my first camera shortly after my 14th birthday. Just a few months later, I realized I had a knack for portraiture and decided to make a small business out of it. This shouldn't have come as a big surprise considering my entrepreneurial spirit had been evident since childhood. By the fourth grade I was selling marked-up candy and homemade fortune-tellers to my classmates, and experimenting with website design. I am so happy little 14-year-old Sierra was bold enough to start this business because, since then, I have met incredible clients-turned-friends, honed my craft as a visual artist, and discovered how liberating it is to forge your own path. 
     I am a natural light photographer, mainly because I love how effortlessly Mama Earth illustrates a scene. With a fierce passion for reflecting women's power and beauty back to them, I specialize in motherhood and branding photography. I provide brand and web design services to fellow heart-centered businesses that are ready to amplify their impact and income.


    Hi there, I am Arianna. By morning, day, and light of the moon I am a mother and homemaker. I have two daughters and a son whom I take great pride in raising with intuition and intention. At this phase in my life, I am pleased to say that mothering, mixed with a fair amount of gardening, fills most of my time. But it is nice to apply my skills to other roles, such as that of photographer. My values at home are much the same as those I bring to a session– keep it heart- and family-centered, cherish the simple and mundane, and make sure it’s organic (anyone who knows me will chuckle at this one). 
       When Sierra asked me to join the business in 2018, I was more than pleased to accept. Since then, I have been able to combine creativity, a love for all that Mother Nature has to offer, and the many blessings that motherhood brings to provide an experience that I consider truly unique.  I aim to tailor my sessions to each families’ individuality while maintaining our characteristically warm and emotive style. My specialty and one true love is newborn portraiture—with an emphasis on both the pure perfection of a just-born child, and on the sacred nature of this incredible phase in a family’s life. I also specialize in senior portraits, where I work closely with individuals to encapsulate key elements of their personality and provide a gallery that is equally appropriate and meaningful for them. 

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